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Create Multiple Records from Find Records Result

After executing a "Find Record" automation action, create a record for each of the found records with a script

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Base Details

  1. Sales table

    1. Each record contains the following information for the sale:
      1. Serial number
      2. Date of sale
      3. Line Items
        Sales table.png
  2. Line Items table

    1. Each record contains the following information for the line item:
      1. A link to its parent Sale record
      2. A link to the Product record that is being sold
      3. The quantity of the product that is being sold
      4. Links to the relevant Pick List records
        Line Items table.png
  3. Products table

    1. Each record contains the composition details of the product:
      1. Links to the parts that it is composed of
      2. Links to the relevant Line Item records
        Products table.png
  4. Parts table

    1. Each record contains the following information for the part:
      1. A link to its parent Product record
      2. The required quantity for this part
        Parts table.png
  5. Pick List table

    1. Displays all of the parts that need to be picked, as well as how many of each part to pick
      Pick List table.png


The client was using a "Find Record" action in an automation to identify the specific product components they needed to pack.

This worked fine and they were able to successfully find the product component records they needed.

After that, they needed each of these records to be created as a new record in a table that was formatted specifically for packing.

The Solution

Create records from Find Records action.gif

We utilized a script that would take in the results of the "Find Record" action, and for each of them, create a new record in the appropriate table with the data the client needed.


I cannot thank Adam enough.

We had a business problem that required a piece of script to be written to solve. This was outside of my knowledge and I posted on the Airtable community forums with my problem.

Adam reached out with a solution which was very close to being perfect (it was from my lack of detail that it wasn’t).

He personally reached back out to see how everything was going and I mentioned it wasn’t quite right, he kept working with me (he even jumped on a call and ran me through how the input variables work) until we found the correct solution all on his own time!

Thank you Adam, we really appreciate your work!