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Adam’s help with our project will ensure not only that our company will save time in using the Airtable, but that our data applications will be of much greater fidelity than our current process. He was friendly, engaged and focused on the problem, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping me find not just the quick answer to my coding challenge, but ensured that the solution we arrived at was the right one. In engaging in the solution process with me, Adam proved to me his high level of proficiency with both Airtable and Java Scripting. I will be reaching out to The Time Saving Company in the future with any new challenges I face in this realm.


Adam’s service is amazing! Not only is he an expert in programming and script writing, but he is also a true problem solver. He helped me to solve a complex issue in Airtable that had been stumping me for days. After taking the time to explain my issue in more detail, Adam quickly identified the root cause of the problem and provided a clear and concise solution. I was thrilled with the result and grateful for his expertise. His communication is excellent, and he is always willing to take the time to provide detailed explanations. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking for a talented programmer or script writer. He is a true asset to any team. Thanks, Adam!


I cannot thank Adam enough. We had a business problem that required a piece of script to be written to solve. This was outside of my knowledge and I posted on the Airtable community forums with my problem. Adam reached out with a solution which was very close to being perfect (it was from my lack of detail that it wasn’t). He personally reached back out to see how everything was going and I mentioned it wasn’t quite right, he kept working with me (he even jumped on a call and ran me through how the input variables work) until we found the correct solution all on his own time! Thank you Adam, we really appreciate your work!


Adam was communicative and helpful, and quickly offered to schedule a session with me to solve a problem that had been causing us headaches for a while. His knowledge of both airtable and external applications allowed us to come to a solution that has not just solved the problem, but increased the efficiency of the process.


My staff and I were stuck on how to automate some fields in Airtable, so we reached out for help. Adam answered the call, and after a 20-minute virtual demonstration he had solved the problem. Adam was quick, but thorough and explained everything in a language we could understand, (I am not techy), he even followed it up with an email with the demo and instructions and links to use the formulas. Brilliant, thank you Adam ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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Experienced with:

  • Building websites and Airtable apps
  • Customer Support
  • Product Management in a software company
  • Using Airtable for years

In other words, I have experience with:

  • Building the solutions
  • Talking to the people who need the solutions
  • Figuring out the what, why, and how of the solution to be built, and working to make that solution a reality
  • Using and integrating Airtable into multiple systems and processes in a business context