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Accumulative Charts

Charts displaying data for each week are easy, but what if we want to see the accumulative growth instead?

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Base Details

  1. Data table
    1. Each record was an interaction with a customer and contained the date that the record was created.


The client needed to see the total accumulated number of records per week as a chart.

The Solution

We first created a new table called Weeks and a linked field to the Data table.

We then created an automation that would trigger once a week on Sunday morning.

It would first retrieve all the records in the Data table by doing a Find Record action on a view that contained all the records
Find Records.png

We then created a new record in the Weeks table that we then linked to all of the previously found records.
Create Record.png

As such, each time the automation ran, it would create a new Week record that contained all of the past records, as well as that past week's records.

This would create the accumulated data that would look like the following:

With this data, we then created a chart with the following options. The most important one is to toggle "Split multiple values" ON in the "X-axis" section
Chart Settings.png

Which would result in the following