Adam C - Workflow and Web Application Consulting



Adam reached out to me after I posted a request for help on an Airtable project that involved a Base with eight linked tables, two of which were join tables. If you’ve ever worked with that many tables passing info back and forth, you can appreciate the complexity. I needed an automation that would make it easy for a user (non-expert) to create very specific join table records, based on a list of existing records in another join table, that pulled in links from three other tables.

Adam had not seen any of my tables and had no knowledge of my workflow before the start of our phone call. (I’m in Minnesota, Adam is in Singapore.) Within 40 minutes (30 of which were me trying to explain our data and workflow) Adam had the solution, reducing many, many mouse clicks and multiple copy/paste actions down to one copy/paste. Needless to say, I was thrilled! His answer made literally thousands of records of information useable and combinable in a way that will save my company a ton of work, time and money! My hat is off to Adam. I can’t recommend him highly enough.